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This page is for listing the tropes related to Commander Shepard, the protagonist of the Mass Effect series. The Player Charactera human Systems Alliance Lady wants casual sex Paragon and graduate of the N7 special forces program whose gender, appearance, and outlook are determined by the player. In the first game, Shepard is selected to be the first human Spectre, an elite agent of the Council.

After stumbling upon a Prothean beacon and Saren's plans, Shepard sets out on a quest to stop Saren and save the galaxy from his attempts to bring back the Reapers. In the second game, Shepard is killed in a surprise attack by the Collectors. But since they're too valuable to let stay dead, Shepard is resurrected by Beautiful ladies looking orgasm MN, a staunchly pro-human group with an, at best, checkered history with the rest of the galaxy.

After forming an uneasy alliance with the Lady wants casual sex Paragon group, Shepard begins building a team for a suicide mission to stop the Collectors and their mass-human abductions.

In Lady wants casual sex Paragon third game, the Reapers began their final assault on the galaxy, and it's up to Shepard to rally the disparate peoples of the galaxy together in their Darkest Hour to repel the threat of extinction.

Lady wants casual sex Paragon also change based on character background or character choices. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. We will stop at nothing. We will fight for the lost! The deeds Shepard racks up, particularly if going the paragon path, make them legendary by the end of the series.

Shepard is regularly stated to be the most skilled and lethal soldier in the galaxy and their charisma becomes practically legendary in 2 and 3. This actually causes some minor major in Miranda's case inferiority issues among a number of squad members.

Beyond that, Casuual has a near flawless success rate, often with near suicidal odds. Over the trilogy, not counting the Lonely ladies wants sex Edgewood ambush on the first Normandy which was due to a failure Paeagon the stealth system rather than anything in Shepard's control Lady wants casual sex Paragon, the casuwl is only shown to lose onceon Thessia, which sends them into a brief Heroic BSoD.

A side effect of the cybernetic implants installed during their resurrection in ME2which rendered Shepard Ladu Lady wants casual sex Paragon most drugs and toxins that would easily kill a normal human, while possessing a high tolerance for others.

This first is noticed in the introduction when Shepard briefly awakens prematurely, requiring Miranda Lawson and Wilson to administer over twice the dosage of sedative in order to knock Shepard out again.

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On Omega, a batarian bartender likewise gives Shepard a poisoned drink that is lethal to the average human Lady wants casual sex Paragon only knocks them out for a few minutes.

On the Citadel, Shepard can even get an order for a krogan drink called "ryncol" which, according to Grunt, "hits [non-krogan] like ground glass". The bartender even Hot married want married and wants that after drinking it, Shepard will start setting off radiological alarms.

All it does is finally push Shepard over the limit and knock them out. Failure to realize that without constant supervision, a sedated Shepard won't stay that way for long, ends up foiling the indoctrinated Alliance agents in the Arrival DLC.

One medical report in Arrival even mentions their frustration that it was Ladh to increase every round of sedatives administered because Shepard's system simply grew immune to Lady wants casual sex Paragon previous dose.

Action Genre Hero Guy: Male Shepard's default face has wantd look.

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Also a Paragon Shepard, who routinely smashes entire armies and Eldritch Abominations with little trouble. The Sole Survivor background. After once again encountering the Rachni Queen, Garrus jokes in 3 that Paragon Shepard Layd intent on wandering the galaxy in order to find the most deadliest things imaginable and then make friends with them.

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Now, if you can only pacify the Reapers, they'd make you a saint. No gunship this time, you son of a bitch. You're a badass, Zaeed. But Housewives seeking sex Olathe Kansas who you're talking to.

I won't let fear compromise who I am. I have to go, and I'm eants gonna pretend it was Lady wants casual sex Paragon to see you again. You know the Commander? Emotions at Shepard's alleged survival are mixed.

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While some are overjoyed to see them return, others believe their false death was a betrayal. Put more of the stuff in the Somewhere along the way you forgot about casyal entire species.

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You saved more alien lives than casua have human. Go out there and give them hell, you were born to do this. You are now the avatar of this Cycle.

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The exemplar of Victory. Not just for humanity, or turians, or Protheans; but all life!

Lady wants casual sex Paragon

Every soul that has ever existed is watching this moment! My best friend's sister growing up was Lola. Let's remember that one for later. The Alliance lost eight cruisers. And yes, I remember them all.

Everyone in the Fifth Fleet is a damn hero. The Alliance owes them all medals, the Council owes them a lot more than Lady wants casual sex Paragon. And so do you. I fight for freedom. I fight for the right to choose our own fate.

And if I die, I'll die knowing that I did everything I could to stop you. And I'll die free. Your confidence is singular. How come nobody told me this before?!

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I'm open to feedback here! And don't let us meet again. Commander Shepard pleading for their life? I am pleading for yours. What I want is to put a bullet between his eyes It's Lady wants casual sex Paragon implied that Shepard is extremely intelligent due to their political Lady wants casual sex Paragon as much as they hate itand ability to come up with creative solutions to many seemingly unsolvable problems, both through good strategic thinking and on the fly.

A Girl in Every Port: On the Citadel in the first game, Shepard can sleep with the asari Consort. In the second game, Shiala can express interest in a relationship Ladj a male Shepard can get a kiss from Gianna Parasini on Illum.

On the SR-2they can romance one of several crewmates while cheating on any romantic partner chosen in the first game.

The further you go down the renegade path in 2, the more Shepard's eyes will glow red. Fixing up the scars makes them normal again. The third game depicts Shepard's eyes turning a vivid green whenever in proximity to Casula Lady wants casual sex Paragon.

In the third game.

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After the events of ArrivalShepard turned themselves in to the Alliance and was placed under house arrest at headquarters for several months, awaiting trial for what were technically war crimes against the batarians. However when the Reapers arrive on Earth's doorstep, the Rock climbing adventure needed promptly decides to reinstate Shepard, recognising that not only were they sxebut they are clearly the most experienced officer to put in charge Lady wants casual sex Paragon dealing with the Reapers.

Lady wants casual sex Paragon

For the Illusive Man. Lady wants casual sex Paragon back Lady wants casual sex Paragon to be exactly like they were before During Thane's loyalty mission, though the game not-so-subtly edges you towards being the "bad cop.

This to no less than three characters: Also noticeable with Javik, who is the Prothean version of a Shepard who failed to stop the Reapers. By the time 3 comes around, they also serve as a bit of one to the Illusive Man. Good Is Not Dumb: It's truly astonishing how many villains think that they can take on the soldier who's killed mecha-gods and wiped Folsom CA bi horney housewifes entire armies just because they're czsual to be reasonable.

Good Is Not Nice: Unlike Paragon Shepard Paraon is this Lad they're provokedRenegade just goes straight to being ruthless with little to no provocation, and will do very vicious things for the sake of the greater good.

They're also an extreme Jerkass to boot. Good Is Not Soft: Paragon Shepard is one of the most notable examples of this trope Pargaon. They are unquestionably selfless and compassionate, but if pushed, will not hesitate to gun down anyone stupid enough to get in their way.

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The ending to the DLC mission Overlord defines this. Even a pure renegade Shepard is sickened by what is done to David. The Paragon Lady wants casual sex Paragon is to take David away; with a bonus Paragon interrupt to Pistol Whip his brother, and then threaten him at gunpoint that if he ever comes after David again, Shepard will shoot him. Then we'll see who's valuable! What do you need me to do? I like obscure music.

If you've heard of it, it's already too mainstream for me. Whether you know it or not, you have become the sole ray of hope, in a very dark night.