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I remember in I was in France and stopped at a restaurant. Their bathroom, situated inside the restaurant building, was a hole in the floor with a shoe print painted on the floor on each side of the hole.

When you got done with business, you pulled a chain and water fell from the ceiling into the Wives looking sex Gwynedd.

I bet you can imagine my reaction and how much fun I had explaining to my family just what I had found. When I was doing research I had Imlay city MI adult personals tour lokoing a hotel built in in gold rush country.

They had chairs with lids to cover a hole cut in the seat. When Wives looking sex Gwynedd lifted the cover you found a porcelain pot to use as your toilet.

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Ingenious way to hide the pot. Very descriptive post, Eliza. Thanks for yet Gwynevd reminder that it's good to be here in ! I followed the link from a bulletin you posted in MySpace. You might be interested to know that here in Gwnedd, some of us indeed have Wives looking sex Gwynedd toilets. We Who wants to chat tonight thank the Romans for their expertise where plumbing was concerned.

My house, for example, has a water closet in which sits a fashionable, wicker Wives looking sex Gwynedd chair, the seat of which has a lid.

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Beneath is a pipe that takes the waste out. All we need do is turn Wives looking sex Gwynedd lever that empties water into the pipe. Fortunately, the WC has a window, which helps with odors. I first encountered a flushing toilet when I was a child and performing in Paris. The family with whom we lodged had a toilet with one lever that aimed the water down and another that aimed the water up! Geynedd

Wives looking sex Gwynedd

Pooking parents had a devil of a time keeping me out of the water closet because I liked playing with those levers. Vienna also has public baths that I believe have been around since Roman times. Although I have Wives looking sex Gwynedd tub in my home, I do enjoy soaking with a couple Gwynedv friends once a week in the public baths in order to discuss music and local gossip. I will be putting a link to your excellent website immediately; you can count on regular visits from me as well.

What a dough head I am. Wives looking sex Gwynedd

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I forgot to leave you my address: Hi Marlene, with a surprise like that I'm surprised you didn't come out soaking wet: Oh, don't get me started on getting soaked in bathrooms. It is always fun to see what situations you can get into in loojing in Europe - at least for me.

Adventures seem to find me quite often. But, that particular time, I was smart Wives looking sex Gwynedd Top girl xxx step back.

My folks are in their 80's Gwyendd talk about bathing once a week, usually on Saturday so they'd be clean for church the next day. As you pointed out, Eliza, the eldest got the tub first and then each kid by turn took a bath. Wives looking sex Gwynedd

After eight kids, it got to be pretty scummy! The rest of the week they washed at a sink. My mom refers to it as a whore bath.

Just the face, underarms and butt area. Even today, my folks follow this regime and I can vouch for the fact they never smell. A man after my own heart I must confess I am listening to your music right now, and Wives looking sex Gwynedd a huge fan of yours!

Before becoming a writer I went through 12 years of piano lessons Thank you so much for sharing your history with me and for sharing my page with your friends: I will be Wives looking sex Gwynedd you in seconds to my blog list. Okay, now I will go faint Joanna that Sylvia flores lost girlfriend amazing how it stays with us!

I am also laughing hysterically bc, a few of my "mom" friends and I joke around about the whores wash. With young kids it was sometimes hard to get into the shower I will have you know now, that I do manage to jump in every day, even if for Wives looking sex Gwynedd 5 miniutes lol!

I could do all that, just consider it civilized camping. It's amazing Wives looking sex Gwynedd people have invented through the years, and all so similar. You are a wealth of knowledge. I love that you sit and drink wine by torchlight.

I love Wlves pics you posted with the blog, too. Eliza, another fantastic post of yours! I love reading your blog - there's so much to learn from you!

Wives looking sex Gwynedd

And I have to say - love the sitting by Wives looking sex Gwynedd with a goblet of wine - one of my own personal favorite pasttimes. Thank you so much for 420 nsa inside hmu your knowledge with us! Wives looking sex Gwynedd paragraph from this post just inspired a scene in my current medieval WIP!

Thanks for your comments Gerri! Honestly I think it would be alot of fun for awhile, provided I lived in a castle I might want to come home to a hot shower every once in awhile, and some deodorant.

I do, it's so fun. lookking

My days are Tuesdays and Fridays I'm a huge one for schedules, lol. So if you're ever in the area on a Tues. I'll try to write more for Wives looking sex Gwynedd Shannon, thank you so much for your comments.

Edward II of England - Wikipedia

I'm so glad that I was able to help, I want to read what you're writing! Isn't it nice and relaxing to drink from a goblet under the stars?

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Wives looking sex Gwynedd that I'm missing is my crown, although my neighbors have dubbed me the Queen of Tender Court where I live I love it!

I've had to use an outhouse once while camping. That was not fun.

I've also used bathrooms in England where you've had to pull the chain but I've never yet had the misfortune of the bathroom with the footpads! Thanks for the great information about teeth brushing and deodorant. This was a great blog, very informative and not Wves the faint of heart! I guess back in those days Wives looking sex Gwynedd one lingered with a book the way my hubby does now, LOL.

I especially loved the part on dentistry and tooth care. Excellent blog, I'll lookimg by again soon! Thank you Nicole for sharing your story and leaving a comment!

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Yeah, I can't imagine being in the outhouse with a book Whenever I have to use a Gwhnedd I'm in and out in seconds, touching as little as possible, and then vigorously rubbing the hand santizer all over my body, lol. Eliza, I love how you broke down everything through the ages.

It shows how we have slowly changed as a civilization throughout the centuries and why we have Wives looking sex Gwynedd the way we have. Knowledge is power but I also iWves knowledge bring about good hygiene!!! My mom told me a similar story about France and the hole Wives looking sex Gwynedd the ground! I can only imagine! But of course when its the norm, its the norm.

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We are so spoiled today, aren't we? Oh and I I think I need to come by too and sit with you under the torch light!

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How cool is that!! Yea the urine is just gross! You are most welcome to come drink wine under the torchlights!!! I'll have to have a party!

Arranged Marriage - TV Tropes

Great posting as always! I started reading Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see Wives looking sex Gwynedd all this wonderful information can be incorporated in a story that is a pleasure to read. The author is Laurie Viera Rigler. It gives a wonderful insight into what life would have been like in the Regencyincluding the chamber pots, Wives looking sex Gwynedd and everything else.

Bathing especially seems to have gone in and out of popularity through history.

I could be wrong but I am pretty sure bathing was very unpopular during the plague of in Europe. It was generally believed that water opened up the pores of the skin allowing disease to enter the body.